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Welcome to a unique software solution revolutionising the financial aspects of IT departments of major enterprises, government departments and universities. For the first time IT managers can feel truly in control of the financial management of IT services, engaging key managers in financial accountability in a way that they "get it".

ClearCost produces transparent reporting of all direct and indirect IT based costs, using the Service as the focal point. Linking the IT budget and actual spend through to Service usage also supports accurate and fair internal billing to each business unit.

In turn ClearCost allows comparative and detailed analysis to identify efficiency gains or opportunities for improvement, in both IT operations and investments.

ClearCost has been developed by a team of IT professionals, now ClearCost Consulting, who originally came together with a common belief that IT groups needed better support systems for financial Information not delivered by the traditional Finance systems.   Clients around the globe are now benefitting from the ability to see inside the 'black hole' of IT expenditure, which assists better communication and naturally, better management.